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Zach Armentrout

SCCA student Zach

Zach Armentrout is a graduate of South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). At SCCA, he found the flexibility to pursue his true passion. Learn more about his story below.

When Zach was nine years old, he was diagnosed with severe anxiety. It became apparent that a traditional school setting was not working for him, so his family began searching for other options. Zach joined SCCA in the seventh grade and excelled throughout middle and high school.

Zach’s favorite subject at SCCA was history because he loves learning about the past and how this country came to be where it is today. He was also active in the community and volunteered at a local animal shelter where he worked at adopt-a-thons.

Golf is Zach’s biggest passion, and he has been playing since he was old enough to walk. He started with plastic clubs, and when he was five years old, he made his first hole-in-one. His grandfather cut down an old pair of clubs so they could practice together. By August 2013, Zach had made his second hole-in-one. While attending SCCA, he played for the local public school’s golf team where he held the number one spot.

Zach is often found on the course with his father and grandfather who love the game as much as he does. His grandfather coached the local golf team Zach played on. He also competed in golf tournaments with the South Carolina Junior Golf Association. Zach plans to pursue a career in golf course management.

I loved SCCA because of the flexibility. I was able to work at my own pace and take breaks when I needed.
— Zach