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Taylor Combs

SCCA student Taylor and her horse

Taylor Combs is a graduate of South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). SCCA helped Taylor to become a more independent student by allowing her to tailor her schedule to fit her needs. Her mom shares her below.

“When Taylor was in the third grade, we began looking into homeschooling options. When we finally found SCCA, we found an organized and parent-friendly program with high academic standards. Taylor was able to do her work when it was convenient and she had Internet access. Some days, she would be in the barn before the sun came up and would stay all day. Because of this, Taylor had a great relationship with her teachers, who realized that Taylor's schedule in life is anything but normal.

The majority of Taylor's activities center around horse shows, and her group of friends are all passionate about horses as well. Some circuits are 12 weeks long, so having access to school on the horse show grounds was very helpful. Through her sport, Taylor has made friends from all over the world. It is pretty cool that during this era of social media and virtual schooling, you can keep up with people and see them in person several times a year.

Overall, I think that SCCA not only met Taylor's academic needs, but has also helped her grow into an independent young lady. Virtual school students have to take responsibility for managing their time and completing assignments. Yes, you have a Learning Coach, but they can't do the work for you. I think this mindset also transfers over to real life. Taylor manages her horse and interacts with professionals in the industry at the barn where she works when she is in town. Not everyone is cut out for virtual schooling, but the beauty of SCCA is that the school works with the individual students to meet their needs.

As a graduate of SCCA, Taylor plans to complete her two-year degree at Trident Technical College and then a four-year degree at the College of Charleston. In the future, she would like to own a horse business.”

I loved SCCA because the staff understood that life is different for some people, and they work hard at making your academic career a success!
— Taylor