Sarai Duenas

SCCA student Sarai

Sarai Duenas is an elementary school student at South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). She enjoys that SCCA allows her to pursue her creative interests while still maintaining a high-quality education. Learn more about Sarai’s story below.

Sarai loves her LiveLesson® sessions with her teacher, Ms. Ketersen (Ms. K). She also enjoys art and science. Sarai’s flexible schedule is especially helpful since she often has to work from different locations as an actress. She recently had a role in a film and was able to complete her assignments on set.

Currently, Sarai’s main focus is her web series, Sarai Trek. In it, she recaps episodes from the original Star Trek show from her perspective. Many people have commented that they enjoy following her recaps. Sarai also loves to perform on stage and participates in a performing arts school once a week to prepare for two shows a year.

Aside from school and performing, Sarai loves to plan themed parties for her friends including carnival, princess, and tea party—themed.

I love South Carolina Connections Academy because it's fun. It's just so awesome.
— Sarai