Rion Gordon

SCCA student Rion singing

Rion is an elementary school student at South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). At SCCA, Rion is able to complete schoolwork at a pace that suits his learning style. His mother shares his story below.

“Rion has always shown that he was a quick learner in everything that he faced. When he was about age two, we began to try to figure out if we were going to homeschool him or enroll him in traditional school. Rion’s father and I began doing research about different types of schooling and finally decided that SCCA was the best way to go because of the flexibility of schooling at home, and the support of a traditional school. Rion is so advanced in math that he moved up to first grade within his first semester at SCCA! SCCA provides the flexibility to work at the pace that Rion needs so that he is not being held back in one area/grade and stays challenged so that he is constantly learning.

Since birth, Rion has struggled with a congenital nystagmus, which affects his vision. However, with the help of new doctors, two surgeries (so far), SCCA teachers, counselors, vision specialists, and other support staff, we are getting a learning plan in place for Rion to better his education and tailor his lessons!

Rion has been able to continue to play sports while attending SCCA. He plays baseball during the spring and football during the fall. Rion has the opportunity to practice on his own time because of the flexibility of his schooling.”

What I like the most about SCCA is that they have extracurricular classes like my Study Island and Success Maker Reading that can be added to the core classes to help improve the fundamental lessons.
— Rion