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Melissa L. Hinson

SCCA student Melissa on a horse

Melissa is a graduate of South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). Her sisters, Allison, Kristin, and Katelyn have all attended SCCA as well. Melissa's mother shares more below.

"Melissa was first interested in SCCA for the flexible schedule. She enjoyed the free time she had to work on other activities that interest her. Outside of school, Melissa was most passionate about riding horses and playing music. Her favorite subjects were American Government and economics. Melissa enjoyed talking on the phone with her teachers and through WebMail to keep them up-to-date on how she was doing in her classes.

Melissa loves music and plays bass in a bluegrass band with her sisters; they call themselves “The Hinson Girls.” She also enjoys riding horses, especially when the weather is good. She also likes to go shopping at the mall and go to the movies with her friends.

Before coming to SCCA, Melissa attended a local bricks-and-mortar public school in elementary school. Since joining, she learned how to be responsible for her own schoolwork and schedule, which will help her in college, where she will need to be independent.

What I liked most about South Carolina Connections Academy was the flexible schedule. This structure allowed me to go and hangout with my friends whenever I wanted and to perform with my sisters in our band on weekdays. In traditional schools, I may not have had that freedom.
— Melissa