Devin Wingate-Sumpter

SCCA student Devin cooking in his kitchen

Devin Wingate-Sumpter is a high school student attending South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). Devin enjoys SCCA’s supportive learning environment. His mother, Barbara, shares his story below.

“Devin is a bright and curious special needs student who enjoys learning. He spent kindergarten through second grade in SCCA, but then he was placed in the local school district. Devin started feeling left behind and unwanted in the traditional classroom setting. Most of all, he felt as though his regular education teacher did not want to help him. The principal decided to place Devin in an autism classroom for over half of the day. Devin and I were not satisfied with that option because we knew there was a better solution—it was SCCA!

Since re-enrolling in SCCA, Devin has been thriving. His favorite subjects are math and science. The LiveLesson® sessions, practice sessions, and the ability to work at his own pace really work well for him. He feels he can keep up with his work and appreciates that teachers care about him. Devin does not have to worry about being teased now. Most importantly, he is achieving success. Devin and his teacher work together to make sure that he is growing in every area and reaching his greatest learning potential.

Devin is passionate about playing Minecraft and with friends. He manages his schedule around his interests by limiting most of his play activities to the weekend. After his school assignments and chores have been completed, he has an hour each weekday set aside to play Minecraft on the computer. He also gets to play with his tablet on Saturday and Sunday for a few hours. We schedule play dates for him to play with friends, and he also gets to spend time with friends during children's church on Sundays.”

What I like most about South Carolina Connections Academy is LiveLesson sessions.
— Devin