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Virtual public school gives New Mexico students a safe place to thrive and grow—excited to start each day with support from caring teachers at every step along their 4–12 journey. We strive to deliver a well-rounded learning experience, developing students academically as well as socially and emotionally. Our goal is to work with New Mexico families to create happy, engaged students who graduate from online school and find a fulfilling career or college path as their next step.

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Are There Online Schools Near Me In New Mexico?

There are currently two online schools in New Mexico for families to choose from.

Schools near me

Are there options for families to send their students to online school in New Mexico?


New Mexico virtual public school is available to students in grades 4–12 throughout the state. New Mexico Connections Academy is:


a full-time online public school


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Residents of New Mexico have the schooling option to send their children to an online school in New Mexico. In online school, students have the benefit of connecting to their teachers and curriculum online from home and anywhere with an internet connection. New Mexico online schools can deliver a high-quality education and prepare your student for success in today’s technology-driven world.

While online school and homeschool programs are similar in that they’re both home-based education options, online students get a very different learning experience than homeschool students.
Parents that choose the path of traditional homeschooling have total responsibility for developing or buying the curriculum and serving as the teacher—teaching lessons and grading student work. With an virtual public school, students are taught a state-approved curriculum by New Mexico–certified teachers.

Elementary school students in the state can attend New Mexico Connections Academy. Online school is a great way for students to learn from home, with parent involvement. Students connect to their curriculum and lessons through an online learning portal. With younger students, we find they learn best if a parent or other trusted adult serves as the student’s Learning Coach to help guide them through their coursework and stay on task.

Middle school students in the state can attend New Mexico Connections Academy. At online schools in New Mexico, students complete lessons at home, at a pace that works best them. Students have the flexibility to adjust their schedule to meet their needs and attend regularly scheduled live sessions with teachers and classmates in a virtual classroom. At virtual schools, New Mexico teachers are specially trained to make online learning engaging and effective.

Because New Mexico online public schools are a part of the state’s public school system, there is no tuition to attend a 4–12 New Mexico online public school. New Mexico online public school students are delivered a high-quality education from home that meets the same state standards in education as their brick-and-mortar school peers.

Homeschooling in NM is an online school option, but there can be costs involved with buying curriculum and technology support.

Yes. An excellent online high school in New Mexico is New Mexico Connections Academy. At this online public school in New Mexico, high school students can earn an official New Mexico high school diploma. Students have the ability to take honors and Advanced Placement®* courses. Plus, licensed school counselors can advise them about the college application process and financial aid.

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