Kelly Fields

Kelly Fields

Secondary Science and Biology Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Biology, North Carolina State University; Master of Art, Science and Math Teaching, College of Charleston

Ms. Fields has been teaching since 2014 and just recently joined Rhode Island Connections Academy. She currently teaches secondary science to grades 7 and 8 as well as high school biology. Ms. Fields shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

Thinking back on previous jobs of coaching tennis and working in schools, I realized that teaching was the job that made me the happiest. Working with children and watching them grow is undeniably fulfilling. I quickly applied to graduate school to earn a master’s degree and teaching certificate, and I have never looked back! It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

The Online School Experience at Rhode Island Connections Academy

There are many things to love about teaching with Rhode Island Connections Academy. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful on this team! Despite being remote, I feel the connections among this staff are equally as strong, if not stronger, as my experiences within a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

Teaching online provides flexibility to both teachers and students. If there is an urgent matter, it can be addressed immediately. Unlike brick-and-mortar, teachers have time to focus on what matters most—the students. Whether it is planning, communicating, or one-on-one time, we can give the students our attention when it is needed.

Getting to know each individual student helps to foster student engagement. We have several ways of communicating with students, and with the flexible schedule we are able to do this often. Webmails, phone calls, and office hours allow us the time to help students with their courses as well as encourage engagement.

Students can also attend LiveLesson® sessions where they can interact with other students in the class. Creating friendly competitions through content review games is my favorite way to encourage these interactions.

In a world that is moving more towards remote learning and working, our students are gaining a tremendous amount of experience in this department, as well as in learning self-discipline. The combination of life skills and quality education is sure to help prepare students for a bright and successful future.

—  Ms. Fields

My Interests

I love taking my dogs to the beach when the weather is nice here in Charleston, South Carolina!