Image of Ms. Arnold

Jill Arnold

Program Administrative Assistant

Certificate in Microsoft Intermediate Excel, Fisher College; Certifications in Microsoft Word Beginner, Bright Horizon; Intermediate and Advanced Classes, Johnston High School Business Curriculum

Jill Arnold joined Rhode Island Connections Academy (RhoCA) in 2021 as a program administrator. She works with families to ensure that they get the most out of our program.

My Role at Rhode Island Connections Academy

I love working with the families and have a goal of making sure that all students get the high-quality education they deserve. All our staff are very supportive in this regard. No matter what role we have in our program, we work as a team for the benefit of students and their families. I’m happiest when I help them go through the program process and see how excited they are to become a part of the Connections Academy® family.

The Online School Experience at Rhode Island Connections Academy

RhoCA wants to make sure that families feel welcome. The most valuable tool is ongoing communication, including welcome calls to let families know we’re there for them and their students throughout the year.We all want what’s best for each student and we each have an important role to play in providing online education. Our school leader/principal, Tracey McGee-Moreira, makes herself available to the families. We want parents to feel comfortable enough with all of us to ask any questions that may arise. Our goal is for us to help them achieve and succeed in all aspects of life.

We try to engage the students [so that they] have the desire to learn, and help them to develop skills by finding different ways of doing things. We realize that there are multiple ways of learning, some students are more visual, verbal, logical, or social. Each student will be able to have more flexibility and learn at their own pace and time.

— Ms. Arnold

The Benefits of Online Learning

The brick-and-mortar setting is more of a predetermined routine, which is much different than our online program. Students and their families have more flexibility with their hours and courses. Our teachers are very accessible to them in our LiveLesson® sessions and office hours. We strive to provide the support needed to succeed.