Life is not just about academics. Students socialize with other incredible students through online clubs, in-person activities, and field trips that connect peers and turn classmates into friends.
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Doing What Excites Them Most

What does your child love? Computer coding? Writing poetry? Playing chess? Maybe they want to try their hand at journalism. Or take part in a scientific experiment. Whatever their passion—whatever new interest they want to explore—they’ll likely find an online club that feels made for them. Through our clubs, your child can build on the skills they’re learning in class while making new friends and gaining social confidence. Our clubs even offer opportunities to compete in contests at local, state and national levels. Clubs are a wonderful way for your child to learn, grow and enjoy school even more.


Connecting on the Local Level

Whether you live in one of the many small towns or big cities of Rhode Island, your local community is a part of who you are. And that makes it a part of who we are too. All across the state, our community coordinators, Learning Coaches and students come together to volunteer and participate in community events. It’s a great way to be a part of your local community and your online community.

Parents, in particular, perform a very important role, as they often play the role of the Learning Coach, keeping the student on track and regularly communicating with teachers.

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