Learning Coach Appreciation Quotes

Each year, we ask our students to tell us what they appreciate most about their Learning Coaches. Connections Academy students said that their Learning Coaches, who do everything from monitor assignments to coordinate field trips, absolutely “rock.”

So we’re sharing some of our favorite student comments that express why they’re grateful for their Learning Coaches. (If you’d like to know why Connections Academy’s teachers and staff appreciate our Learning Coaches, check out our Thankful blog post.)

Learning Coach Appreciation Quotes

Transcription below:

Students Give Thanks to Their Learning Coaches

She is my mommy, and she teaches me every day. I love her so much. She deserves a medal to put on her wall. She works hard and helps me when I am in trouble. I cannot do it without her.

My learning coach is always there to keep me going. She is patient, and she reviews the materials with me in a manner I can understand.

She loves me. She is nice. She helps me to get smarter. She has taught me how to be a better reader and never gets mad if I do something wrong. She always says, ‘Okay, now let’s redirect and do it again.’

Thank you Learning Coach,
For all that you’ve done.
You’re a wonderful person;
You help me a ton.
Each day, with your help,
I learn something new.
There should definitely
be more people like you.
Each and every day,
You show me the way
To be the best.

They are called Learning Coaches for a reason, since they help you throughout the year with your schoolwork and everything else. You might get frustrated on the way, but it always works out. You rock, Learning Coach.

I appreciate my Learning Coaches because they’re pushing me to work harder. I’ve been a little behind lately, and now I’m getting the motivation I need to push harder until all my work is finished. The sooner I get it done, the better; I now know that.

My Learning Coach
Is the one who’s there,
The one who’s with me, and the one who cares.
Her only wish is to improve my mind,
Especially when I’m in a bind.
But somehow she never fails,
Pounding information into my head like nails.
She drives me crazy, but she’s always right.
She can calm me down when I’m feeling uptight.
I know she’s the only reason I make it through;
Without her, I don’t know what I would do.

I appreciate my Learning Coach because she always makes sure I do my work correctly and logs in my attendance, checks her WebMail, and views my grade book very often. Also, she takes me to my testing sites when I have mandatory state testing.

I think my Learning Coach is great because she cared for me all year long. She never quit on me, and I’m glad she didn’t. If she had, then I would have never made it to fifth grade. She helped me when my grades dropped; I got them back up to straight A’s.

The reason I appreciate my Learning Coach is because she expects me to do my best but doesn’t expect me to be perfect.