Charlotte Naser

Elementary School

Charlotte Naser is an elementary school student at Reach Cyber Charter School. Her older sister, Caroline, is also a student at Reach Cyber. Attending school online has allowed Charlotte’s family more time to spend together, and sometimes she and her sister travel with their father on his business trips, completing schoolwork remotely. Her mom and Learning Coach, Leigh Anne, shares more about Charlotte’s experience in an online learning setting.

“The big draw for Charlotte was getting to stay at home and have more time with her family. The idea of not having to get out of pajamas was a key element in her choice to leave traditional schooling. She also is excited that with her flexibility in scheduling, she can spend more time in competitive Irish dance throughout the eastern United States. Charlotte loved the sign language course so much that she finished it in less than a semester! She also participates in Coding Camp and loves the monthly STEM challenge with Mrs. Kessel, in addition to art lessons with Mrs. Fredrickson. She thinks cyber school is awesome because she can spend more time and get help on the hard stuff, but breeze right on through the easier tasks.“

I love Reach because I can pick what to do first each day and decide what I want to do next. I can also play board games with my mom at lunch.

— Charlotte

Family Stories

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