Caroline Naser

Middle School

Caroline Naser is a middle school student at Reach Cyber Charter School (Reach Cyber). Her younger sister, Charlotte, is also a student at Reach Cyber. Caroline has a passion for STEM and for coding, so her teachers have taken the time to help her develop these skills. Leigh Anne, her mom and Learning Coach, shares more below:

“Caroline was pretty much sold on the idea of a school with a STEM focus. Caroline has always loved science, and has recently gotten into robotics engineering. She loves the Independent Study STEM course, Robotics Club, and Coding Camp, but also has been enjoying social studies a lot this year, along with world history.

She loves being able to take breaks when she wants to and also being able to have the guinea pig on her lap during LiveLesson® sessions. She talks with Mrs. Barna about books in the Percy Jackson series and thinks Ms. Shaffer is cool for helping her get better at coding. In addition to being obsessive about coding, Caroline runs cross-country, takes piano lessons, and just joined the All-City Marching Band. She likes that she can manage her schedule for school around her extracurricular interests.“

What I like most about Reach Cyber is how much more I get to travel with my family, and also all of the STEM programs and coding.

— Caroline
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