Three Flexible Cyber High School Graduation Pacing Options

Reach Cyber Charter School (Reach Cyber) students enjoy the flexibility of three flexible pacing options for high school graduation.

Typical Number of Courses (Credits) Taken During Each Term

Graduation Pacing Options Fall Spring Summer Total Number of Courses (Credits)
Traditional Pace (K-12) 
Students take a full course load in the fall and spring sessions.

This option will be available to students at all grade levels.
6 (3 credits) 6 (3 credits) 0 (0 credits) 12 (6 credits)
Year Round Pace (K-12)
Students take fewer courses than a typical course load in the fall and spring sessions, but also attend the summer session.

This option will be available beginning July 2017, as part of the 2017-2018 school year. It is available to students at all grade levels.
  4 (2 credits)   4 (2 credits)   4 (2 credits) 12 (6 credits)
Accelerated Pace (9-12)
Students attend fall, spring and summer sessions full-time, enabling them to graduate early.

This option is available to students at the high school level.
6 (3 credits) 6 (3 credits) 2 – 4 (1 – 2 credits) 14 – 16 courses (7 – 8 credits)

Because our cyber high school graduation pacing options are so flexible, Reach Cyber is ideal for students who:

  • Want a rigorous academic curriculum to prepare for college
  • Desire a broad selection of electives, Honors, and AP® courses
  • Wish to graduate early—or take a higher-than-usual number of credits per year
  • Require additional time during the fall and spring for competitive sports, performing arts, or other personal interests
  • Need a nontraditional schedule to accommodate travel, family obligations, work schedules, or health concerns
  • Appreciate the ability to learn from home or other locations outside a classroom
  • Would benefit from working at their own pace with more one-on-one attention