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Reach Cyber Charter School High School Curriculum

The learning dynamics for high school students are different than for younger students. Students at this age are, generally speaking, motivated both externally and internally to achieve objectives, are interested in co-educational activities, and need opportunities for self-expression. Our high school online learning curriculum is designed to help students meet their personal and educational goals.

Our school also offers three different types of graduating pacing options that allow our students to choose from a traditional, year-round, or accelerated pace. One of the great things about online learning is the flexibility that it provides.

A 21st-Century Online Curriculum for 21st Century Success

Our high school students are getting closer to finishing the first part of their formal education. They face many important decisions, and no matter what they decide we try to make sure that they are prepared.

Our online curriculum provides students with the opportunity to think outside the box. We encourage them to think critically, communicate effectively, be creative, and work effectively in a team, all skills that are needed to be successful in the future.

Online High School Courses in Pennsylvania

To help prepare our students for the future, the curriculum offers variety. Below are a few of the options available at Reach Cyber Charter School:

  • Core subjects – English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
  • Electives – digital photography, marine science, game design, and world languages.
  • Advanced Placement®* and Honors classes math, history, and science.
  • College courses – College Board approved online Advanced Placement courses.
  • NCAA-Approved Courses – world literature, psychology, statistics, and world geography.

For more information, review the high school sample lessons and read about Reach Cyber's academic partners.

Support and Guidance

Our students work together with counselors and Learning Coaches to achieve their educational goals. They work in collaboration to complete selected courses and receive support and guidance to help prepare for life beyond the online learning classroom.

Preparing for Graduation and Beyond

Our students are getting ready to graduate and make important decisions. To help students be prepared and make decisions that are right for them, Reach Cyber Charter School has the following resources available to our high school students:

  • A dedicated counselor to guide our students and discuss options.
  • A high school career club to help students learn about and explore careers of interest
  • A career planning club that guides our students through the college application process
  • A first-generation student club for our students who are the first in their family to attend higher education
  • Free access to college admission test preparation courses
  • STEM learning opportunities

These resources and clubs are intended to assist our students as much as possible so that they know about all options available: financial aid, scholarships, careers, two-year and four-year courses, and much more.

It is important that our students and families are aware of Reach Cyber’s high school graduation requirements so that they plan their four-year high school educational journey accordingly.

Interacting in a Cyber Classroom

Being able to participate with others is an important component of a well-balanced education. Our LiveLesson sessions allow our students to participate actively in their classes with instructors and peers. Students also have access to an education management they use to turn in assignments and keep track of their progress.