Boy smiling outdoors working on a laptop wearing headphones

Experience Cyber School Technology

Advances in technology have allowed great innovations, and one of those breakthroughs is online education. Any Pennsylvania families who have internet access and meet eligibility requirements have the option to participate in elementary, middle school, or high school. Reach Cyber Charter School gives students the possibility to get an exceptional education from the comfort of home or wherever they have internet access.

Experience Education like Never Before

Reach Cyber Charter School understands that one of the best ways to learn is with technology that is user-friendly. That is why we use tools and resources developed by education experts. From world-class lessons to fun, easy-to-access resources that help our students take control of their learning, Reach Cyber Charter School makes sure that learning is meaningful and long-lasting.

Proprietary technology allows students and families to connect to message boards, internal email, schedules, quality instruction, and live online lessons. Our students and families are never alone. Reach Cyber’s technology also helps ensure that students always learn in a secure and supportive environment.

Connexus®—Your New Home Base

Students and families use an exclusive online education management system called Connexus®–a practical tool that allows them students to easily connect to the online learning experience. Within this system, students can find useful resources and connect with teachers and other students. They can also access lessons from any location that has internet access. Additionally, parents can easily access lessons and grades.

You can try out this advanced education management system and access a variety of sample lessons online—experience cyber instruction for yourself!