Literary Clubs

Student reading a book

Book and Digital Storytelling Club

The Book and Digital Storytelling Club helps bring storytelling to the 21st century. Participants come together each month to share their favorite book titles or series with each other during live, online meetings. The club facilitator guides and encourages student interaction in the live meetings and online forums. Using a variety of digital tools, students have an opportunity to incorporate pictures and audio into their original tales. Students can also share their stories and collaborate with peers to give critiques, create round robin stories, and discuss favorite genres. The Book and Digital Storytelling Club is open to students in all grade levels.

Brainteasers Club

The Brainteasers Club is all about critical thinking and problem solving for online students. Club members engage in a variety of brainteasers such as anagrams, pattern puzzles, logic stories, Sudoku puzzles, and word searches. To take it to the next level, students are challenged to create their own brainteasers, and an opportunity for sharing and feedback is provided through Connexus®, our education management system. Our online school Brainteasers Club is open to students in all grade levels.

Debate Club

Debate Club students learn the arts of public speaking and critical thinking. Participation in this club allows students to socialize and build friendships with teammates while collaborating and sharing ideas. Club members build their individual abilities to reason and employ analytical thinking as they strive to understand all the possible arguments about the week’s topic. Each group’s decisions, research, and presentation tactics help determine which side is deemed most convincing. Facilitators help students gauge the impact of current events, develop position statements, support arguments, think analytically, abide by debate rules, and become comfortable with friendly discussion in a cyber environment. Our online school Debate Club is open to students in grades 6–12.

Pen Pals Club

Pen Pals is a new twist on a classic way to build friendships. Students develop their skills in letter writing, written expression, and penmanship, while making friends with other Reach Cyber Charter School and Connections Academy students. The Pen Pal Club is open to students in all grades.

Student Literary Magazine—Pens and Lens

This monthly web-based literary magazine recognizes and publishes original student work. This recognition encourages and inspires others to pursue both writing and photography. Student writers and photographers in all grade levels are able to join Pens and Lens.

Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner challenges middle and high school students with various advanced poetic forms. Students learn how to convey ideas, situations, and feelings in inventive and original ways. Lessons teach students how to communicate ideas using metaphors, similes, and imagery. Students are encouraged to share their poetry twice a month during LiveLesson sessions as well as in online forums. Poetry Corner is open to students in grades 6–12.

Quiz Bowl Club

Elementary, middle, and high school whiz kids test their knowledge of fun facts in the Quiz Bowl Club. Trivia questions are presented by level (elementary, middle, and high) in the form of a weekly academic competition. Winners are identified by state and grade. The Quiz Bowl Club is open to students in all grades.

Student Newspaper Club—The Monitor

The Monitor is a student-managed, student-staffed monthly newspaper. As they work together, students learn about group dynamics, organizational strategies, and team-building exercises while researching, writing, and editing stories on current events, sports, entertainment, and fashion. The Monitor is open to students in grades 6–12.