cooper wooley

high school

cooper wooley is a high school student at pecos connections academy (pca). he lives in lovington, new mexico, with his family. cooper attended traditional public school up until the eighth grade, when he chose to do his schooling from home. his mother tells his story below.

"cooper made this decision because he wasn't getting the help he needed [at his previous school] and the kids [there] were horrible. he wanted to get away from bad influences and stay out of trouble. my husband and i were skeptical at first, but it has worked out wonderfully for our family.

pca has been amazing for cooper. his grades have never been better. he is very active. the best thing about going to pca is that it works around his busy motocross racing schedule.

"with pecos connections academy, i can participate in a motocross race anytime i want to and i can also do my school work."

— cooper

my teaching background

i became a teacher because i love seeing students experience and discover new things. i find it rewarding when a student’s eyes light up because they’re beginning to grasp a challenging concept. i also enjoy helping students develop a growth mindset. it allows them to not get frustrated when learning seems challenging, but instead see those challenges as a time when the brain is learning and developing.

hobbies and interests

i am married and have three kids and a dog. the things that bring me joy are my family, summer road trips, reading, hiking, crafting, and cooking/baking.


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