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Online Seventh Grade Curriculum

When students enter the seventh grade at Pecos Connections Academy in New Mexico, they benefit from a more personalized approach to online learning. Each student receives the challenge and support needed to have an incredible year of middle school. Our online curriculum encourages students to explore the relationships between subjects such as literature, math, and science.

Our virtual school provides a safe, welcoming learning environment that allows your child to study readings from various literary genres, solve real-world math problems, and investigate the living world around them. These are just a few ways our seventh grade students can expand their knowledge and improve skills as they progress academically.

You will find detailed course descriptions of our seventh grade virtual courses at Pecos Connections Academy listed below. To get a closer look at our program and how our virtual school program is run, you may also want to take a look at our sample lessons.

Please note that some of our texts will only be available in an online format, which will require a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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