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Online Sixth Grade Curriculum

Jump right into the online middle school experience at Pecos Connections Academy with classes your child will find not only challenging but also engaging. As a sixth grader, your student is entering a new stage of growth and discovery.

Our sixth grade curriculum encourages students to think through ethical questions, explore literary genres, practice equations and expression writing, develop a strategic and statistical line of thinking, and discover how science integrates into their daily lives. From studying ancient civilizations to embracing American art, our online middle school lessons for sixth grade deliver an educational experience that is comprehensive and allows for individual learning preferences.

Spend some time taking a look at the sixth grade core and elective online courses offered by Pecos Connections Academy for New Mexico students. For your convenience, we have provided sample online lessons that will allow you to take a closer look at our individualized approach to virtual school.

If you have questions about our sixth grade program, curriculum, online learning environment, or educators, contact us today or request more information.

Please be aware that some of your child’s texts may only be made available in an online format.

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