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Tuition-Free Online Middle School in New Mexico

Middle school is a new adventure for students as they transition from elementary school. Pecos Connections Academy’s tuition-free online middle school program helps students learn how to be more independent with their studies and take more responsibility for their education. Pecos Connections Academy helps New Mexico students experience a world of possibilities.

Our online middle school lessons are written directly to students with easy-to-understand directions. As Learning Coaches move into a more supportive role, students are encouraged to take ownership of their education. As they navigate middle school, they are held to high standards, which helps prepare them for high school. Our online middle school curriculum is designed to empower students to succeed.

Middle School Curriculum Content

Support for Online Middle School Students

Each online middle school student works with subject area teachers who have excellent credentials. Their expertise and experience enables them to provide excellent instruction that helps students master each subject. In addition to working with the highest-quality educators, students have a school counselor or advisory teacher to help them stay on track.

Online Middle School Course Electives and Activities

Our LiveLesson® allows our online middle school students to interact with their teachers and their peers for a well-rounded online school experience. In addition to the core classes that are required for all New Mexico students, Pecos Connections Academy online middle school students can round out their education by taking elective courses and participating in clubs.

Students can choose from clubs like the Mathematical Olympiad or writing for the school newspaper. There are many more school clubs and activities that allow Pecos Connections Academy students the opportunity to find the interests they are passionate about.

We may also offer higher-level classes for our gifted students that allow them to start earning high school credit.


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