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Online High School Classes

At Pecos Connections Academy, enrolled students will have the flexibility and support needed to succeed in their online high school courses. 

Serving students in grades K–12, Pecos Connections Academy's tuition-free education incorporates a core curriculum including math, English, science, and social studies. Your high school student will also have opportunities to explore his or her interests through elective high school courses online.

Our virtual elective courses range from digital photography and game design to marine science and world languages. These online high school courses allow your student to grow and explore new interests.

Advanced Online Courses for High School Students

With college on the horizon, students need to get ready! Pecos Connections Academy honors and Advanced Placement®* courses are key to providing your student with the tools and learning he or she will need in college. Students enrolled in our virtual school are also able to join college and career clubs.

Your student will follow a personalized learning plan with access to school counselors who encourage scholastic accomplishment and personal growth.

Preparing and Planning for College and Careers

Our senior students are well prepared when it comes time to graduate. The transition out of virtual high school requires close attention, but at Pecos Connections Academy, we are ready to assist. Our online school provides:

  • Access to a full-time licensed school counselor
  • Assistance creating a four-year academic plan
  • College and career planning:

    • Guidance in finding college or career opportunities that fit students’ skills and interests
    • Help with the college application process through online LiveLesson® workshops
    • Financial aid and scholarship information (also through LiveLesson sessions)
    • Free access to college admissions test information and online prep courses
    • Official transcripts
  • Extracurricular activities such as Student Advisory Council and Debate Club
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) courses allow students to bundle workforce skills development and college preparation into one educational package. CTE gives students the option to explore and get ready for careers in criminal justice, finance, psychology, marketing, and more.

Students at New Mexico’s Pecos Connections Academy online high school have the tools they need to launch a successful life after high school. Be sure to check out our online high school course offerings and online sample lessons.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.


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