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Online Third Grade Courses

As third graders at Pecos Connections Academy online school, students improve their analytical skills with a hands-on approach to learning. Our instructors believe new material should engage students and introduce them to the building blocks of education. 

In third grade, students delve deeper into the world of mathematics, science, English, and more. They will learn the basics of multiplication and division, understand life cycles and different ecosystems, and develop a passion for the five stages of writing. Your third grader will benefit from the flexible pacing of virtual school at Pecos Connections Academy.

Preview the third grade virtual education experience by selecting from the extensive list of courses below. There you will find descriptions of each course and our learning resources available to students at Pecos Connections Academy in New Mexico.

Sample lessons are also available to provide you and your child an inside look at our program. Pecos Connections Academy is an excellent alternative to traditional public or private school or homeschooling. Give us a call today to see why we’re a solution worth considering for your child's education.




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