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Pecos Virtual School Online Elementary School Curriculum

In the state of New Mexico, students in grades K–5 now have available to them a free online public school through Pecos Connections Academy. Our expert, caring staff understands the importance of these beginning school years, so we blend a passion for the love of learning with the fundamentals for your child’s future educational success. By enrolling in this online elementary school, you are providing your student the opportunity to learn at a pace that works in an environment that is suitable for individual needs while focusing on the core subjects of language arts (reading and writing), science, math, and social studies.

Online Elementary School Gifted and Talented Program

As long as students stay on track, Pecos Connections Academy virtual school allows them to complete daily lessons at their own pace, but some students may be more advanced and require more challenge. Beginning in the third grade, these accelerated students may be eligible for the gifted and talented program. Certain younger students who present advanced abilities may also be eligible to enroll in the gifted and talented program or to progress on to a higher grade level.

All Classroom Materials Are Provided

When students in New Mexico enroll in Pecos Connections Academy’s online virtual school, we provide all of the items needed to bring a grade A education to your home. Connections Academy’s team of curriculum experts work with content providers and educational publishers who are leaders throughout the nation to choose top-notch textbooks and provide your child with only the “best of class” materials.

We provide all of the lesson plans, materials, and textbooks, as well as audio, video, and other multimedia tools, to enhance your child’s online public school experience. Most of the online elementary school curriculum is in hard-copy printed form with online content used to supplement these lessons. As your child progresses through the virtual school curriculum, more of the content will be delivered in an online format.

Online Elementary Curriculum Content

As children develop, they learn naturally, absorbing all that surrounds them and searching for answers to their myriad of questions. At Pecos Connections Academy online elementary school, we harness that curiosity and provide students with ways to turn that natural desire for learning into a more structured education. To build confidence and a strong foundation, we start with the basics plus study skills, incorporating them into our core courses. To see this illustrated in more detail, check out some of our sample lessons to get a better feel for our methods.

You can also view our list of academic partners to review our texts and other instructional materials. We constantly review all materials to ensure we provide the highest-quality current content available.

Online Elementary School Electives

The core courses stressed at Pecos Connections Academy are a great foundation for New Mexico students to get a start on their education, but we understand that electives are also vital to a well-rounded education. As early as kindergarten, your child can choose elective courses such as music or sign language. A variety of world languages are also available as electives for elementary school students.

Online Public School Activities

Socialization is just as much a part of a successful education as “reading, writing, and ’rithmetic.” At Pecos Connections Academy, there are many activities and clubs in which students can participate. Your child will get hands-on learning while making new friends.


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