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Pecos Connections Academy Online School Curriculum

Grade K–12 students in the state of New Mexico can now enroll in online public school through Pecos Connections Academy. Approved as a virtual school through the Carlsbad Municipal School District, Pecos Connections Academy provides a high-quality online school curriculum that fully covers the core courses of English/language arts, math, science, and social studies. Students also gain opportunities to learn new languages, explore web design, discover the joy of music and art, and do much more through a variety of elective courses.  

As a public virtual school students attend from home, Pecos Connections Academy is a highly effective tuition-free alternative to conventional public school. Our recipe for success includes collaboration among teachers, parents, and students, as well as other learning community leaders.

At Pecos Connections Academy, we don’t just teach facts and figures; we teach study and problem-solving skills. We consider all aspects of a child’s development, including emotional well-being. Instruction is personalized and delivered with passion and compassion to ensure our online public school provides your child with the best tools to forge a successful life. Our approach is designed to develop the “four Cs” of 21st century education:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration

High-Quality and Varied Materials

Pecos Connections Academy uses a multimedia approach that keeps students engaged in their curriculum, which meets New Mexico state standards. Pecos Connections Academy virtual school uses a combination of printed materials, video, audio, and graphics, as well as our proprietary Teachlet ® tutorials and educational games.

Exciting Electives

To keep students interested, their preparation for life beyond grades K–12 must include more than just core courses of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Elective courses available through Pecos Connections Academy can broaden your child’s horizons and even allow the exploration of an engaging career path. We have a number of electives to appeal to a variety of interests such as technology, art, languages, and journalism. We also understand that different students have different goals, so we offer elective courses for college preparation and career and technology education.

Curriculum Review for Consistent Success

The Pecos virtual school works closely with the Connections Academy community to build a solid curriculum that meets national and state core requirements. This is not a static curriculum and is under constant review by our curriculum experts. Changes are made to adjust content and make it even more effective as requirements change, technology advances, and new needs of the student population are revealed.

As with nearly every aspect of the Pecos Connections Academy experience, student and parent input is gathered and considered when reviewing curriculum. Nationwide, Connections Academy schools have received close to 4 million evaluations, in which lessons are rated on a 5-star scale. To date, the lessons in the Connections Academy curriculum have a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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Curriculum Experts

Connections Academy recruits curriculum developers who have teaching experience, subject mastery, and degrees in instructional design and technology education. They select the highest-quality texts and use them to create lessons, units, and learning activities. This experienced team ensures that our free online school curriculum encompasses the skills and objectives required by Pecos Connections Academy students, the developmental activities to achieve those goals, and the continued support to master them.

Multimedia Impact on Lessons

Most of us learn better when there are visual and auditory cues in a lesson beyond just words on a page or text on a screen. Connections Academy has a fantastic team of in-house videographers, computer programmers, and graphic designers who bring life to the online curriculum. Our multimedia team works with the curriculum experts to choose the proper lessons to illustrate, then expertly crafts video, audio, games, and graphics that intrigue students and provide multiple sensory reinforcements to lessons. These educational enhancements keep students engaged and wanting to learn more!

Virtual School Advanced Placement

Our caring, certified teachers will identify additional support a student may need, as well as a student’s strengths. Some students will have the ability to work beyond the grade-level curriculum, so we also offer a gifted and talented program for grades 3–8, plus honors and Advanced Placement®* courses for higher grade levels.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.


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