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Virtual School Community Keeps Online School Students Connected

At Pecos Connections Academy, we believe socialization and communication is a vital part of a student’s overall learning experience. We stress the importance of community awareness and involvement through our elective courses and through community-coordinated events.

The staff at Pecos Connections Academy also believes that online school does not mean your child never interacts with people outside the home. An important component of our curriculum is our LiveLesson® sessions during which students and their teacher interact in a real-time online group gathering. They can learn from one another, problem-solve issues, expand on lessons already learned, and begin friendships.

Pecos Connections Academy virtual school also offers other socialization opportunities such as field trips and other school events. As with any school, our field trips are designed to enhance lessons and provide a real-world scenario to which students can apply the knowledge they are gaining. It is also a superb opportunity for Pecos Connections Academy online school students to meet face-to-face, make new friends, and strengthen bonds with others. Parents can also connect with other families interested in socializing.

Pecos Connections Academy has many different clubs that will appeal to the countless interests, or potential interests, of our students. They can socialize with others, either virtually or in person, while exploring their interests in art, sports, literature, math, science, and technology—and so much more.

The Flexibility of Online School

Being an honor roll student may be a great accomplishment, but that alone is not enough to create a well-rounded student who is appealing to admissions committees at colleges and universities. Pecos Connections Academy allows the scheduling flexibility to pursue many different education enhancement opportunities like working an internship, participating in a sport or academic club, or aiding in a local community project. This outside activity gives the student vital experience while providing a sense of accomplishment and strengthening his or her teamwork skills.

Family Participation in the Virtual School Experience

The success of Pecos Connections Academy thrives on the participation and enthusiasm of the parents, whom we refer to as “Learning Coaches.” Pecos Connections Academy provides training and resources to empower parents to guide their child through the curriculum and track their progress.

Communication is key in the success of the child, so we try to provide a variety of ways to keep the lines open between students, parents, counselors, and teachers through:

  • The Virtual Learning Connections blog, which provides tips for Learning Coaches and helpful information regarding issues that come up throughout the online school experience
  • Secure Message Boards available where parents can ask for advice, post solutions, and locate resources
  • Online training for Learning Coaches, open houses at Pecos Connections Academy sites, and local teaching centers
  • Club ORANGE, a network of parents and Learning Coaches who help spread the word about Pecos Connections Academy.

Online School Community Involvement

When a family is juggling home, health, work, and school, schedules can get crazy. And not every household is on the same time line. Pecos Connections Academy’s online school format allows greater flexibility for students and the entire family to participate in outside activities like community events in New Mexico, athletics, or other clubs. This enables students to pursue the things that interest and motivate them.


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