Kato Lwebuga

Middle School Student

Kato Lwebuga is a middle school student at Willamette Connections Academy. He’s passionate about music, art, and stories, and appreciates the flexibility the school provides so he can explore them. Kato’s story is below.

Why I Attend Willamette Connections Academy

“My mom signed me up, I didn’t know anything about it. However, she seemed to really like what she saw on the website, so it was like … this is cool.

At Connections Academy®, I have flexibility over my schedule and the help I need to learn. I can make my own schedule, which lets me get my work done comfortably. I had mediocre grades before coming to Connections Academy because my teachers were busy helping other kids. Now, my Learning Coach can help me and my twin brother.

"At Connections Academy, I can make my own schedule, which lets me get my work done comfortably."

— Kato

My Online School Experience

My favorite subject is math. I don’t know why; I think it’s a family thing. My favorite clubs are Art and Author’s Corner. I like them because I can meet other kids like me who are passionate about creating things. I have good relationships with my teachers and work hard at my lessons. When I need help, I call them and go through the questions with them.
I am passionate about producing music, art, and stories. Before becoming a student at Connections Academy, I didn’t have much time to explore those interests. Since I’ve been learning at home, I’ve had more time to learn about them and explore them.
I enjoy being at Connections Academy and have had a really cool experience here. About a year ago, my fifth grade teacher set up a Kahoot! game for me and my classmates to play—and I won. What I like most about Connections Academy is the flexibility of time.”

Kato and his mom and brother