Oregon Parent Testimonials

Oregon Connections Academy Parents Give the Program High Ratings

Each year, we survey Oregon Connections Academy parents to get their feedback on our program and help identify what we’re doing well and how we can improve. Our parents evaluate the school on a number of criteria including student progress, teacher support, and quality of the curriculum. Here's what parents had to say about the program:

Oregon Connections Academy
2017 Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

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of parents agree that the curriculum is high quality.
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of parents agree their children are satisfied with the program.
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of parents are satisfied with teachers' helpfulness.
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of parents are satisfied with the variety of learning activities.
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of parents would recommend Connections Academy to other families.
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of parents agree that our technology tools improve their child's learning experience.

Based on a survey of Connections Academy families conducted in
January 2017 by Shapiro+Raj.

Student Satisfaction

Nearly 95% of our parents say their children are satisfied with our program and are pleased with their child’s academic growth.

Wow! What a difference Connections Academy has made for us. The kids don't have to be up and out at 7 am - this alone has caused their grades to go up. They eat better and study better, plus the family is involved on a daily basis. We LOVE Connections Academy!

Our son is in sixth grade this year ... his first year with Connections Academy. He was behind academically in the beginning. My husband and I are very glad we decided to give Connections Academy a try. Not only is our son doing well with Connections Academy, but he is excelling.

Teachers Provide a High Level of Support

Over 96% of our parents praised the helpfulness of their child’s teacher. Our parents appreciate the dedication and professionalism of our teaching staff and report a high level of satisfaction with their work.

We chose Connections Academy because it is an accredited program and the support from certified teachers really was important. With the home school program we were using, we felt we were on our own. Now we have such a great support system with Connections Academy and we love it!

Our teachers are wonderful and are always there to answer questions and provide support for the kids as well as the Learning Coach. As the Learning Coach, I only wish that I could have attended ORCA, but I am getting my chance by being the Learning Coach!

We have a great teacher and have enjoyed the great support system. Any question or problem has been addressed quickly and kindly.

The Curriculum is High Quality

Over 94% of our parents agree that our curriculum is high quality. ORCA strives to bring together the best educational resources in order to create challenging and inspiring lessons for students.

We really like Connections Academy because it is a well rounded curriculum. The staff works very closely with us to ensure our son is getting the best education.

The kids are able to work at the 'pace' that is right for them. The curriculum is rigorous yet fun and the kids REMEMBER everything they are taught! They are excited about school and ask for more.

Technology Enhances the Learning Experience

Over 92% of families agreed that our technology tools helped to improve their children’s learning experiences. Many parents appreciated Connexus®, our proprietary education management system, for helping to keep them organized with grade tracking, scheduling, and communication.

LiveLesson® sessions are really helpful for the children as they can see the lesson, as the teacher talks and shows them in writing the problems, or how to do an assignment.

The school website is very easy to navigate, and if there is ever a problem, tech support is right on top of it!