ASCEND - Career Pathways @ ORCA

At ORCA: We understand that there is not one educational path that fits the needs of all students, and we want to help students gain the skills they need as they move beyond high school and into college or a career.

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ASCEND is our Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program, designed to provide ORCA students with career relevant knowledge and skills.

ORCA currently has 3 career pathways that High school students can participate:

Business and

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ASCEND students will be part of a smaller group of ORCA students that will have a unique high school journey. While they will have some extra expectations during high school, they will have the close support of teachers that have worked in the industry that they are teaching.

ASCEND students will have have the opportunities for more hands-on learning and will be expected to take part in an internship, or some outside-the-walls learning, during their senior year. They will also have opportunities to be a part of national student organizations while in high school.

In many cases, ASCEND students will have the opportunities to obtain industry certificates and participate in college level courses in their field of study.

Students can apply for the CTE program during their freshman and sophomore years. Please contact us if you have any questions.