Online Career Technical Education: Oregon Connections Academy

In order to build successful, long-term careers in today’s society, students must have a broad education and a portfolio of applicable skills. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, students no longer need to choose between the academic courses needed for college and those required for vocational or technical training programs.

Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA) offers Career Technical Education (CTE) courses that allow students to combine college preparation with real-world workforce skills development so they can prepare for the brightest future possible after graduating high school. The CTE program encourages students to explore and prepare for successful career in finance, marketing, psychology, criminal justice, and many other professions.

Career development experts at Oregon Connections Academy organize programs of study by career groups, which includes categories of occupations and industries based on the knowledge and skills they require. These groups then branch into specific career pathways to help students further narrow their interests and design an effective education plan utilizing career technology for achieving career goals.

Proven Success Rate of Career Technical Education

The U.S. Department of Education found that students enrolled in CTE programs have at least a 90-percent high school graduation rate, compared to the average national freshman graduation rate of 75-percent. Furthermore, 70-percent of students concentrating in CTE areas stayed in postsecondary education or transferred to a four-year degree program.

With over 30 CTE courses available, students at Oregon Connections Academy can explore and expand on vital skills that will help them secure a bright and successful future. If you’re a parent or student looking for a reputable career technical education, check out ORCA’s online high school course descriptions including elective Career Technical Education courses.