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Jim Keehn

ORCA teacher Mr Keehn

Mr. Keehn is a secondary school teacher at Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA). He has more than 16 years of teaching experience, starting his teaching career in 1998. He joined ORCA in 2007. Mr. Keehn holds a master of arts degree. Learn more about Mr. Keehn’s story below:

“I used to be a volunteer first aid and CPR instructor for the American Red Cross. I really enjoyed helping others learn something. Now, as a full-time teacher, watching students have their ‘aha’ moments when they finally understand slope or logarithms makes it all worthwhile. At ORCA, I really like working with the students and Learning Coaches. I also feel honored to be part of such a supportive staff.”

At ORCA, I feel honored to be part of such a supportive staff.
— Mr. Keehn