Avish Menon

ORCA student Avish dancing in a performance

Avish Menon is a graduate from Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA). His older sister, Alisha, is also a graduate of ORCA. As an advanced learner, Avish appreciated ORCA's challenging courses. The flexible scheduling gave him the opportunity to graduate two years ahead of schedule. Learn more about his story below.

Avish started to take acting classes at age seven, and he has also done a number of professional performances with local children's theaters over the years. ORCA's flexible scheduling allowed him to maintain his busy lifestyle. He said, "Even with a very intense rehearsal and performance schedule, I was still able to complete my schoolwork because I could do it anytime during the day. During rehearsal breaks, I connected to the Wi-Fi and do schoolwork."

Aside from his passion for acting, Avish is also a math wiz. In his previous bricks-and-mortar school, he often asked his teacher for something more challenging than the regular coursework. His mom, Anita, said, "The online program is very self-driven. As a result, Avish has developed strong time management and organization skills. These are very important skills for life. Avish is looking forward to applying them in a college environment."

Avish is also interested in computer science and programming. He taught himself all about HTML and JavaScript, and even created a few websites. Thanks to ORCA's dual credit program, Avish received college credits for six college-level courses and could potentially complete his Bachelor of Science degree in three years. Avish plans to attend Arizona State University's electrical engineering online program and would like to be an entrepreneur like his parents.

Avish's favorite thing about ORCA was the grade book, because his teachers grade assignments quickly. He said, "I turned in an assignment and it was graded within two hours. I recommend ORCA to everyone because it has changed my life for the better."

I recommend Oregon Connections Academy to everyone because it has changed my life for the better.
— Avish