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Healthy and Safe Schools (HASS) Plan

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Immunization and Exemption Rates

Oregon Connections Academy is required to share the immunization and exemption rates for each vaccine required for school attendance. To learn more about current school immunization rates in Oregon, visit the Oregon Health Authority website.

How many kids at Oregon Connections Academy are vaccinated?*

Polio Varicella Measles  Mumps/
 HepB  HepA
% Nonmedical
  8%  6%  6%   7%   5%
 6%   5%
% Vaccinated   91%   93%   94%   93%
 95%  94%   89%


Number of children at the school**: 4,113
Percent of children with no immunization or exemption record: 0%
Percent of children with a medical exemption for one or more vaccine(s): 0%

* Not all immunizations are required for all grades. These numbers may not total 100% if some children have medical exemptions, or are incomplete or in process with immunizations but do not need an exemption because they are on schedule.
** There are also 32 children enrolled for whom immunizations are not required to be reported because their records are tracked by another site or they attend fewer than 5 days per year.
Blanks indicate this vaccine was not required in the grades at this school, or this vaccine was required for fewer than 10 children.

Download the full chart ORCA's immunization rates.