Helping Struggling Students Succeed in School

Children struggle in school for many reasons. Some fall behind because they have difficulty with specific skills. Others simply take longer to grasp new concepts. There are also students who find the sights and sounds of a traditional classroom distracting. Many families seeking a good educational alternative have turned to the Connections Academy program and seen their children thrive.

Attending school from home using Connections Academy’s proven curriculum, children can learn at their own pace. Caring, certified teachers develop a personalized learning plan to help each student achieve his or her highest potential. Students receive plenty of one-on-one attention and academic support tailored to their specific needs. They also gain many enriching ways to achieve emotional success—both online and in person—through clubs, activities, and field trips.

Struggling Students from a Parent Perspective

Many families tell us they switched to the Connections Academy program because their children were having trouble learning. Often, these parents say making this change was the best decision they could have made. Read these parents’ stories to see how our program has helped transform their children’s lives.

Students Learning and Growing in Online School

With Connections Academy, students who have struggled academically gain the advantages of working at their own pace and finding the learning styles that work best for them. Many rediscover the joy of learning! Read the stories of these students to see how far they’ve come.

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