Homeschooling Parent to Online Learning Coach

As a homeschooling parent, you develop lesson plans. You grade homework and tests. You teach. You are dedicated to your student’s learning and work hard to provide your child a comprehensive education. What if you could have all of the rewards and personal involvement of homeschooling without bearing all the responsibility yourself?

Meet Arianna Kurtz

Online high school often reminds Arianna Kurtz of the times she was homeschooled. For her entire family attending an online school is like having the best of both worlds—and more.

Try Online School from Home

Connections Academy is a great alternative to homeschooling for students in grades K–12. Our free online public school allows your child to continue growing and learning at home, while providing online courses taught by caring, talented teachers. By attending Connections Academy, you and your child will have access to:

  • A dynamic personalized learning process created by teachers and parents to meet each student’s strengths and needs
  • An engaging curriculum built on core subjects and electives
  • Accelerated learning opportunities with Gifted and Honors courses
  • State-certified teachers who provide instruction, grading, and support through real-time classroom sessions, email correspondences and telephone conversations
  • Advanced academic opportunities like National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society
  • Social opportunities including online clubs, in-person field trips, and volunteering activities
  • A diploma upon graduation

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A Parent Perspective

Connections Academy parents don’t merely expect daily involvement in their children’s education; they embrace it. Our parents become full partners in the learning process—with plenty of support from teachers. Read the stories of these parents who previously homeschooled their children.

Previously Homeschooled Students

Our students who previously attended an elementary homeschool program can, and do, have it all with a program that embraces life beyond the classroom and incorporates all the benefits of family involvement. Read the stories of these previously homeschooled students.

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