Educating Students with Health Issues

When a student has ongoing medical concerns, attending a bricks-and-mortar school may make it hard to manage his or her health. Many families have found Connections Academy to be a great solution. Learning from home with a flexible schedule, students can eat or rest when needed, rather than when the bell rings. Families can plan around medical appointments or rearrange their agenda when a student isn’t feeling well, so there’s less stress about falling behind in school.

Student Profile Video—Tori Hornick

When Tori was just two years old she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She underwent four intense rounds of chemotherapy to beat the cancer, but she suffered hearing loss and breathing trouble as a result. Her residual health issues made going to a traditional school challenging. She wore hearing aids which made learning in a traditional classroom harder. She also had lots of doctor appointments, so keeping-up with her classes became difficult.

Managing Health and Learning from a Parent Perspective

Many parents say attending Connections Academy has helped them achieve a healthy balance between school and their student’s medical needs. Read these parents’ stories to learn how our school works for their families.

How Students are Learning and Growing

With Connections Academy, students can keep up with their schoolwork while making their health a top priority. Read the stories of these students to see how our school supports a health-conscious lifestyle!

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