Advanced Learners Thrive at Connections Academy

With a wide-range of Honors, AP, and Gifted and Talented courses, advanced learners at Connections Academy are able to work at a pace that suits and challenges them, while further developing their academic talents.

Watch Anna Marie explain how her experiences with advanced courses at Connections Academy successfully prepared her for college:

Here’s what other families say about Connections Academy:

My kids have always stood out academically, and we worked hard to find a school that allowed them to focus on their academics and move at a pace that they felt comfortable with. At Connections Academy, students are able to work ahead, which leaves time for things they can explore in depth, without the stress of a brick-and-mortar school. Something that I didn’t expect when we started to use an online school was how the kids would change. They had never had any trouble socially and worked well with others. So when they were suddenly happier, less moody, and more confident, I was surprised. I was not aware of how stressful a bricks-and-mortar school had been for them.
In his previous school, my son was bored out of his mind and wasn’t being challenged. With Connections Academy, not only is he challenged, but also he can take advanced classes and work at his own pace.
After researching many options, we decided that Connections Academy was the best fit for our son and our family. The school provides a customized curriculum that is both flexible and challenging. He is able to participate in the Gifted and Talented literature program and the Math Club. He enjoys the LiveLesson® sessions and the interaction with other students. He is successful at Connections Academy because he works hard at doing his best on assignments and completing his daily tasks.

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