Students Thrive in a Safe Learning Environment

Connections Academy students have the opportunity to learn from the comfort of home, within a supportive and welcoming virtual learning community.

Watch Beau explain how he has grown more confident and is thriving in online school. 

Here’s what other families say about Connections Academy:

At Connections Academy, my daughter could learn at home in an environment free of bullying and drama, and could focus on the things she enjoys doing without facing peer pressure. We knew that she would be able to better concentrate on work if she were at home in a nice, quiet atmosphere, rather than trying to learn in the noisy and chaotic atmosphere of her old school.
The first question people always seem to ask when we tell them our kids attend a virtual school is 'what about socialization?' Well I like to tell people that we are lucky in that we get to make sure that our kids socialization is a positive experience. Our kids attend youth group where they have a lot of friends, both are very active in sports, and roller skating on Friday nights with friends. With all the negative influences and bullying going on in society now, it is nice to know that my kids’ social times are positive and uplifting.
My daughter was having a very difficult time with traditional school with bullying. Now that she is a student of Connections Academy, she is thriving in her learning environment. I love that I get to work with her every day and learn right along with her. I can now contribute to her education, and feel like I'm a big part of it.

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