Students Seeking a More Tailored Education

While a traditional classroom is fine for many, some students require a different setting, pace, or learning style in order to excel. At Connections Academy, education is personalized to each student’s individual abilities. This Personalized Performance Learning® approach gives every student the best chance for achieving both academic and personal success.

Watch how two different Connections Academy families experience a day in online school.

Here’s what other families say about Connections Academy:

My two children love Connections Academy. The flexibility is perfect. They love not being restricted by a roomful of classmates, and they can work at their own pace, slower or faster. They have great social skills in learning to socialize with a whole variety of people, not just ones in their own age group.
The great thing is that your schedule isn't set in stone. You have the flexibility of making your child's schedule work for you and your child. If your child needs a longer break in between each assignment, you can do that. If they need a break right in the middle of an assignment, you can do that. If your child needs to start later in the morning, you can do that. Your child isn't forced to learn in the same way as thirty other students in the same classroom, you can create a learning environment that works best for your child.
Unhappy with the lack of teacher involvement, communication and large class sizes at our local school, but ill-prepared to take on the overwhelming task of home school, we enrolled our son in Connections Academy. We are impressed with quick responses to questions, easy-to-understand website and WebMail, and access to help as needed.

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