Students Seeking an Education Alternative

Connections Academy can be a great fit for many different kinds of learners—and with perks such as scheduling flexibility and caring, talented teachers, it can be valuable for students who need to work at their own pace or require additional assistance.

Watch Melissa explain how her son is able to focus and learn better in online school:

Here's what other families say about Connections Academy:

We went from daily tears, frustrations, and no confidence to smiles, happiness, and straight As! I never hear 'I can't' or 'I'm stupid' anymore. I hear 'I can' and 'I will.' She has made leaps and bounds, and I am so thankful to Connections Academy for giving my daughter the ability to shine so bright, and actually look forward to school every day.
I appreciate that my son can work when he isn't feeling great because of his asthma. In brick-and-mortar, he would have been sent home and then be forced to catch up on missed work when he was able to return. Connections Academy allows me to monitor his health and well-being while continuing to let him thrive!
My son had test anxiety, and Connections Academy has been a life changer for him. He can go at his own pace and is not rushed, the teachers are fantastic and help him every step of the way. He finished freshman year with A's and B's. I'm so thankful for Connections Academy; they are fantastic. I would highly recommend this program to everyone.

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