Summer Connections Program

What is Summer Connections?

Are you looking for an exciting way to keep your student involved with learning this summer? We can help! Summer Connections is a unique program that allows current and newly enrolled students to better get to know their classmates and school! This year’s theme is Explore and Connect and there are a lot of fun things planned.

Here are just a few things your student gains from Summer Connections:

  • Familiarity with Connexus®, our online learning system
  • An opportunity to participate in many exciting online school clubs available through the Student Experience program offered during the school year
  • New friendships among the virtual school community

How to Participate

If you are an existing student, there is no need to sign up for Summer Connections. Links to LiveLesson® sessions are provided in the Summer Signal newsletter which arrives in Connexus WebMail boxes on Monday mornings throughout the summer.

If your student is not enrolled or is still in the process of enrolling, once all your enrollment documents have been verified, your student will automatically start receiving the Summer Signal newsletter by WebMail.

Enroll Now

Summer Connections Offerings

Summer Signal—This weekly newsletter (sent via our secure WebMail system) has all the information you need about clubs, activities, and special events. It also includes some fun activities:

  • 24-game challenge puzzles
  • Artwork challenges
  • BioBlitz
  • Coding challenge
  • Did you know?
  • State facts
  • Where is Starboy?
  • Quiz Bowl questions

24/7 Chess Gaming System—This system lets students play chess at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level against other students in different Connections Academy schools!

Explore and Connect LiveLesson® Sessions

These are theme-based virtual sessions that provide students with opportunities to participate with other students in topics such as art, science, sports, music, crafts, cooking, and more.

Digital Dreamers—Students explore the exciting combination of art and technology, participate in monthly art challenges, share their own digital art creations, and learn tips and techniques from other students.

Explorers of the Universe—Students explore the secrets of the Sun, planets, and moons in our solar system, then travel to the depths of far-away galaxies and other objects hidden within the universe. They will investigate captivating topics such as black holes, life on Mars, and other incredible space missions!

Extreme Eats—Food is a universal need, but what one person finds appetizing may not be to someone else. Extreme eats will explore food from around the world.

Future Exploration—Middle and high school students will explore various careers, develop career goals and learn about colleges and career training to prepare for a bright and fulfilling future! They will get to know themselves and their strengths as they take part in peer discussions and complete a variety of tasks.

Global Games—Students will play cooperative games, like Jeopardy and virtual Pictionary, as well as games using their webcams. Students can even create their own games at home, and take pictures or record a video of playing the game with family and friends.

Music Around the World—Students will listen to and learn about music from several continents, and identify sets of instruments that help to create music from different parts of the world. Students will create new, world-fusion music by blending sounds from the different locations!

Under the Sea—Students who have wondered what life is like in the depths of the ocean will virtually explore amazing marine worlds, and learn about the fascinating creatures that live there. From the tiniest to the biggest and from the weird to the wonderful, these sessions will transport the students to some of the most amazing places on Earth.

Unexpected Crafts—Students are encouraged to join these fun sessions to learn how to create upcycled art by repurposing items often found in our indoor and outdoor environments. They will be given the opportunity to show what they’ve created at home—the more unique, the better.

Virtual Vacations—Students will take a virtual trip around the globe, view photographs of far off destinations and scenic locals. They will participate in activities that are sure to increase their awareness of the world, appreciation of our planet, and motivation to live life to the fullest!

Wacky Workouts—Students will get their bodies moving in this summer series of 30-minute workouts! They will follow along with the instructor as she demonstrates a variety of stretches, cardio moves, and strength exercises. There is a beginner session and advanced session.