Summer Connections Program

What is Summer Connections?

Are you looking for an exciting way to keep your student involved with learning this summer? We can help! Summer Connections is a unique program that allows current and newly enrolled students to better get to know their classmates and school! This year we are excited to introduce our new Summer Sensations "Pop Up" Series. These virtual "pop up" events are carefully curated sessions that are sure to be fun and "edu-taining"! "Edu-tainment" brings the perfect combination of fun and learning together.

Here are just a few things your student gains from Summer Connections:

  • Familiarity with Connexus®, our online learning system
  • An opportunity to participate in exciting events to socialize, connect, and create new friendships among the virtual school community

These sessions are similar to the special events offered during the school year.

How to Participate

If you are an existing student, there is no need to sign up for Summer Connections. Links to LiveLesson® sessions are provided in the Summer Signal newsletter which arrives in Connexus WebMail boxes on Monday mornings throughout the summer.

If your student is not enrolled, or is still in the process of enrolling, once all your enrollment documents have been verified, your student will automatically start receiving the Summer Signal newsletter by WebMail.

Enroll Now

Summer Connections Offerings

Summer Signal—This weekly newsletter (sent via our secure WebMail system) has all the information you need about clubs, activities, and special events. It also includes some fun activities:

  • Coding Challenges
  • Outdoor challenges
  • What am I?
  • College and Career Corner
  • Unsung Heroes
  • Word of the Week
  • Inspiration Station

24/7 Chess Gaming System—This system lets students play chess at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level against other students in different Connections Academy schools!

Summer Sensations "Pop Up" Series LiveLesson® Sessions

These virtual sessions provide students with opportunities to participate with other students in topics such as art, science, music, crafts, cooking, and more. Each session was carefully curated based on student feedback, and each month has exciting opportunities. Some examples of this year’s sessions are listed below.

NASA News Flash—What’s new at NASA? What’s the big deal about the James Webb Space Telescope? Students will learn more about how this telescope will transform what we know about the universe.

Building Percussion Magic—What might be lurking in your attic, your closet, your kitchen, your barn, your garage, or your crawl space? Perhaps it is a piece of the next new musical instrument to be patented! Or, even better, the next instrument for you to play, enjoy, or share with your friends and family! Students will bring together all types of everyday items that can make great percussion instruments that you can take everywhere you go to share the gift of music!

Summer Eats—Don’t come to this session hungry! Students will explore some serious summer eats. If you like to cook and eat, this is the session for YOU! Foodies everywhere, let’s unite.

Step-by-Step Drawing—Grab a sketch pad and pencil and come to this creative session where artists of all ages and abilities will create fun and easy drawings! Students will have an opportunity to vote on various tutorials throughout the session such as cartoon characters, food, and animals. Unlock the artist within!

Bring Your Pet to School Day—Man’s best friend deserves to be recognized and have a special day of its own. This is the day! Students will talk about some of the “best pets” to have based on personal experiences, and the opportunity to introduce their best friend to everyone in our LiveLesson session.

Sandbox-Style Gaming—Students will have fun meeting up in this session with other gamers to share creations, tips, and tricks in various sandbox-style games such as Minecraft, Creativerse, Roblox and Terraria!

Amazing Machines—Do you ever wonder how humans can do so many incredible things? In this session, students will learn more about the amazing machines that help us accomplish so much!

Dance Dance Dance—Dance like no one is watching! In this session, students will come prepared to share and learn some favorite dance moves. Salsa anyone?

The exciting “Pop Up” sessions listed above are only a sample of our offerings. We invite your student to get in on the fun with Summer Connections!

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