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Students throughout Oklahoma are thriving at Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA), a tuition-free virtual public school serving grades K–12. Oklahoma Connections Academy gives students the flexibility to learn at home with a curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards. OKCA helps each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning program featuring:

  • A challenging K–12 curriculum developed by leading education experts
  • Instruction from state-certified teachers experienced in online education
  • Support from trained counselors, principals, and administrative staff
  • Curriculum materials needed to participate in a dynamic online learning environment

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Students, parents and teachers got together for a day of fun while discussing the benefits of the virtual school Oklahoma Connections Academy. Watch what they had to say about their virtual school experience and take a quick tour of Oklahoma Connections Academy.

Welcome to Oklahoma Connections Academy

Oklahoma Connections Academy fulfills the intent of the Oklahoma Legislature in the Charter School Law to “increase student achievement through academic and organizational innovation” by reaching students for whom a cutting-edge virtual approach provides the best pathway to school success.

OKCA is not just an online charter school in Oklahoma. It’s a tight-knit school community offering all the services and resources needed to create a well-rounded student experience with:

  • Field trips and social events that help students connect to one another, their communities, and their lessons
  • Dozens of clubs and activities that foster social development and academic growth
  • Dedicated and highly qualified teachers
  • An involved community of students and their families

Our Mission

Oklahoma Connections Academy will help each student maximize his or her full potential and meet the highest academic standards through a uniquely individualized online learning program, which includes a flexible schedule, high-level teacher interaction, a rigorous curriculum, and family involvement.

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