Janie Schatz

Janie Schatz

Middle School Teacher

Janie Schatz is a middle school science teacher at Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA). She started her teaching career in 2009 and joined OKCA in 2016. She has her master’s degree in teaching, learning, and leadership in science education from Oklahoma State University–Tulsa. She shares her teaching journey below:

“I changed careers to teaching in 2009,” said Ms. Schatz. “I began teaching in a private school and later went back to school for my master’s degree. I love helping students learn about science. It’s rewarding when they grasp a challenging concept or solve a problem using creativity.

“I enjoy working at OKCA because I like the online environment. It is rewarding working with the students, and I like the field trip choices that are available for them to attend. Online school provides students with an excellent curriculum. The program helps students prepare for the future.

The faculty and staff are great to work with. One benefit of teaching online is that it’s flexible and there’s a strong team approach. Online school provides students with an excellent curriculum.”

Oklahoma Connections Academy is special because the community is very caring and works as a team.

— Ms. Schatz

In her spare time, Ms. Schatz enjoys being with her family. She has two daughters and an Australian shepherd.