Image of Ezekiel W

Ezekiel West


Ezekiel W. is an elementary school student at Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA). Ezekiel and his family found Oklahoma Connections Academy to be a good fit. His parents appreciate being more involved in their child’s education as well as having more family time, especially since Ezekiel’s dad is in the military. Ezekiel likes the welcoming environment and feels that he can finally express his outgoing and curious personality.

"OKCA works well for me because I love taking breaks when I need them,“ said Ezekiel. “I love that I can stand up and move around when I do my work. And I get to spend time and see my mom, dad, and little sister more often.

My favorite subject is science. I get to learn cool stuff and do experiments at home. I enjoyed doing the shadow quick lab and others from the book. I love my teacher, Ms. Brown. She is fun and talks with me on the phone and computer. Ms. Brown always encourages me.

When I’m finished my work I can play. I like building with Legos and watching Ninjago. I keep in touch with my friends by going bowling and playing with them outside."

I love Connections Academy because I get to have more family time.

— Ezekiel