Gage Sykes

Gage doing his schoolwork

Ethan “Gage” Sykes is a middle school student at Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA). At OKCA, Gage is able to arrange his schedule in a way that fits him best. Now, he says he learns more and is able to spend more time with his parents. Read more of Gage’s story below.

“OKCA is different from the schools that I have been to in almost every way! I'm not learning the same thing that I learned last year,” he says. Though he starts at the same time every day, Gage is often able to have a free day on Mondays if he has completed his work. In his previous school, Gage was often bored.

“At OKCA, I have a teacher who is always willing to help, and my Learning Coaches help me too. My teacher Mrs. Walters is awesome! She is the best teacher that I have ever had! I had three teachers in regular school; they weren't able to keep me engaged with new lessons. But, Mrs. Walters always has something new to show us in our LiveLesson® sessions.

I like to draw, paint, read, play board games, go hiking, and create things like necklaces. With OKCA, I have time to get my schoolwork done and explore what else I can learn. I like art because I can spend time creating things, but math has always been my favorite. It was the first subject that I remember learning. And, of course, PE is awesome too–I like yoga!"

I love OKCA because it is the best school ever! I wish that we had found this school years ago!
— Gage