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Belle Wood

Belle Wood

Belle Wood is a graduate from Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA). She is from Owasso, Oklahoma. Her family selected Connections Academy because the school offered Belle the scheduling flexibility to manage her health while also delivering an outstanding education. She now has the energy and time to focus on the things she loves—advocating for School Choice and raising money for the American Diabetes Association. Her mother tells her story below.

“Belle was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in sixth grade. Type 1 diabetes inhibits Belle’s body from producing insulin on its own. As a result, she receives injections of artificial insulin every day from an insulin pump that she wears all the time. In addition to affecting one’s body function, type 1 diabetes also affects one’s lifestyle. For Belle, this means that she has to check her blood sugar frequently and carefully monitor what she eats.

As a family, we learned about and became excited about OKCA in 2011, soon after the start of Belle’s seventh-grade year. We decided to seek an alternative to our local bricks-and-mortar school because of Belle’s health issues. It was becoming very difficult to manage her diabetes at school. Because her blood-sugar levels fluctuate, a typical classroom schedule became increasingly demanding for her. It was a challenge for her to concentrate and focus, which made it difficult for her to excel academically. We decided that we needed to research other options for Belle’s education.

During our research, we learned of Connections Academy. What an awesome option for us! OKCA provides the opportunity for Belle to manage her diabetes and still perform well in school. Best of all, we don’t have to worry about Belle missing any class time because she had to take care of herself. On a day when her blood sugar gives her difficulties, she can take a break and treat her condition, or just rest if that is what she needs. She can log in and complete her schoolwork any time during the day or evening, all throughout the week.

We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to choose this educational option for Belle. She has learned so much and is really blossoming as a person. She has found her voice as an active advocate for School Choice through her involvement with the Oklahoma Chapter of Public School Options, and she is enjoying fund-raising for the American Diabetes Association and raising awareness about diabetes. She has successfully learned how to keep her diabetes under control while excelling in her studies. She is a role model for any student who wishes to follow his or her dreams and be successful, no matter which educational option he or she chooses.”

When we discovered OKCA, I felt like I was opening my eyes for the first time. This was where I belonged!
— Belle