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Meet Our Oklahoma Connections Academy School Leader

Melissa Gregory


Melissa Gregory

Melissa Gregory has been a part of the Connections Academy family since 2013. She became an educator because she loves working with kids and is energized and inspired when helping students decide on their future career paths.

“We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and spending time up front with students when they first enroll,” said Ms. Gregory. “We have opportunities all year to interact on field trips with the whole family! We also have multiple opportunities in a day when students can find their teachers by phone or in their LiveLesson® session rooms. A helpful Oklahoma Connections Academy employee is never more than a phone call or a click away!

I love speaking with a student on the phone. We get to really have a meaningful conversation about whatever he or she is struggling with without the distractions of a traditional classroom,” she said.

“Online school is different from bricks-and-mortar schools because students get one on one. Students can also speak with a teacher at any time during their working hours to get the help they need. A student does not have to wait to go to English class to get help with English. That student can reach out to and get help from a teacher when they need it.

I absolutely love being a part of a school that is using cutting edge tools for education. We are doing our best to use fast-paced programs and apps to intrigue and stimulate our students. Connections Academy helps prepare students by teaching them how to manage their time and organize their schoolwork. These are life skills that students will use in their post-secondary ventures. It is a privilege to get to work with our youth and prepare them for tomorrow!”


  • Bachelor of Arts in History Education, University of Central Oklahoma
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership, American Public University