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Toni Wood

Toni reading to her daughter

For Learning Coach Toni Wood, Oklahoma Connections Academy’s curriculum and the flexibility of a virtual school environment was the key to maintaining her daughter's Type 1 Diabetes and her education. Toni's daugther recently graduated from OKCA's program, which is designed for flexibility that is critical for virtual school student parents and students with health issues. Toni tells her story below.

"When my daughter, Belle, was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes, I was determined to help her achieve the best self-care possible, while still making sure that she took advantage of her academic opportunities. I didn't realize what a task that would be.

When we experienced unacceptable difficulties within the bricks-and-mortar public school, we decided to homeschool Belle. The thought of it scared me to death, but I knew that she needed something to change because she wasn't able to concentrate and achieve at the level she was capable of reaching. Then we found Connections Academy on the Internet. It really sounded great, but we were skeptical. Could we do all this at home on the computer....and it's free? No way!

Within a few months, Belle achieved a 95% average, so now we are believers. I have seen her go from a discouraged girl who thought she was stuck in a system that was not working for her, to a girl who feels better, and is loving school again. The best part is what she said to me not too long ago, "Mom, I can learn again!" Those were the best words she could have said to me! As a Learning Coach, I can say that I am pleased to be an active participant in my daughter's education. It is a privilege to be guiding her through this part of her education."

Connections Academy is not homeschooling. It is public school at home. We see it as a pretty good compromise between the two!
— Toni