Image of Jasmine


Middle School Student

When Jasmine was about to enter the sixth grade, she wanted to attend a traditional public middle school. She had previously attended a private K–5 school. Unfortunately, they found the environment in her public school very distracting, and academics didn’t seem to be her top priority. Her mother Jerika shares more below.

Why I Chose Ohio Connections Academy

We had no idea how attending an online school was going to go for Jasmine. Her first day or two she did terrible. It’s hard to go from an environment where the teacher is telling you what you need to know to an online environment where the students have to do a bit of the work on their own.

Through the remainder of her sixth-grade year, I saw Jasmine thrive in the classroom like she’d never done before. She had done so well in math that there was a possibility that she could skip seventh-grade math entirely. Her sixth-grade math teacher, Mrs. Brown, also introduced her to the idea that she could advance and start taking advantage of the College Credit Plus program.

My Online School Experience

After that first semester at Ohio Connections Academy, we saw her potential and what Jasmine was capable of doing. At Ohio Connections Academy, Jasmine had the flexibility of time and the ability to work at her own pace.

The schedule flexibility that Ohio Connections Academy offered gave Jasmine the opportunity to start taking college courses at Central Ohio Technical College in the summer of seventh grade.

This past summer she spent her weekends selling her baked goods at a local farmers market. Now in ninth grade at Ohio Connections Academy, Jasmine has earned 24 college credits and is well on her way toward a degree in business management/technology. Jasmine is also a member of the National Honor Society and was recently inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society for students attending two-year colleges.