Image of Ezekiel


Elementary School Student

Ezekiel is a kindergarten student at Ohio Connections Academy. His parents Mike and Ashley enrolled him in the online charter school this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, according to Ashley, they enjoy the experience of learning at home. Ashley shares more below.

Why I Chose Ohio Connections Academy

Ezekiel is very social and misses the face-to-face interaction, but he enjoys seeing his peers and teachers in LiveLesson® sessions. Ohio Connections Academy allows me to be with my children when they need me the most during their education and learning process. We have fun and we struggle, but we get through.

My Online School Experience

I enjoy the support from the Ohio Connections Academy teachers and staff. I have never had so many emails and check-ins from teachers in the past and I like the open lines of communication.

In recognition of the tremendous effort Ezekiel has made so far this year, his teacher Mrs. Keatley nominated him to be one of Ohio Connections Academy’s Star Students of the month for November.

When it was time for his kindergarten assessment, he did such a great job with listening and was ready to put his best foot forward in the LiveLesson® room,” Mrs. Keatley said. “He has been working so hard on writing the letter sounds that he hears within sentences and completes assignments with so much creativity. He truly is a respectful, responsible, and engaged student.

— Ezekial