Image of Caleb

Caleb Nelson

High School

Caleb Nelson is a high school student at Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). He started at OCA in the eighth grade in August, after an accident last year at his previous school caused a serious brain injury. Following months of vision, speech, and motor skill rehabilitation, Caleb is back to 100 percent. Unfortunately, through that process, Caleb missed a lot of school, and his teachers, according to his mother, Aimee, grew less supportive when it came to his completing assignments and taking tests.

On the recommendation of Caleb’s physical therapist whose children attended online schools, the Nelsons looked into and discovered Ohio Connections Academy. They immediately liked the flexibility that enabled Caleb to work at his own pace.

Caleb was always a strong, independent learner, so he could accelerate through the material or slow down if he needed more time to research the material to comprehend it. The schedule also enabled him to continue his speech and physical therapy. For most children who are new to the online platform, they need time to adjust. Aimee said the teachers and counselors at OCA made the transition very easy.

Before the accident, Caleb was a gifted student. So after more than a year of recovery, Caleb is looking forward to starting honors courses at OCA.

At his previous school, Caleb discovered a passion for musical theater in the seventh grade when he was invited to participate in the local high school’s production of Mary Poppins. After he enrolled in OCA, Aimee wanted him to continue to have the opportunity to perform and socialize with his peers, so she signed Caleb up for CATCO, a local professional theater company, where he performed in the CATCO Is Kids’ production of The Throne of Oz as the Scarecrow.